In January and February 2016, I worked for 8 weeks together with Chance to Dance at the Marni School in Bodhgaya, India.


The Marni school is located in Bihar, one of the most challenged states of India.

For 2 months, Vita Mees, Lauri Kee Schep (founders of Chance to Dance) and I teached 210 children dance and music classes, 6 days a week. Followed by a spectacular performance in the end of February, around 1200 people were in the audience and the children performed amazing!

For the performance we are followed the storyline of Alice in Wonderland and we transformed it to "Alice in Bollywood"

While Vita was making beautiful costumes for all the participants, Lauri was working very hard on teaching all the choreographies. In the meanwhile I worked every day with the children on rhythm, singing, drumming, playing flutes. I made instruments with material available in Bihar, like drumsticks from bamboo and inner bicylcle tubes, shakers filled with rice or lentils, flutes from PVC, and more.

A French documentary maker made a small documentary about our project, I will post it here when it is finished.




For more more information about the project and to follow us, please take a look at the website of Chance to Dance