In March/April 2016 I started a music workshop leader training program with a group of Syrian musicians and other artists. In July I will return for the second part of the training. We will work in Shatila refugee camp, close to Beirut.


I created this workshop leader program after being requested by Hannibal Saad, director of Global Week for Syria and in Co- Creation with Basmeh Zeitooneh.


A group of musicians from Lebanon and Syria are motivated to start facilitating workshop for the children of Shatila refugee camp. I am supporting them in creating these workshops. We will work with dance, music, various communication skills, song writing, games, learning psychology and non violence. 


I made this movie about the project:



The Shatila refugee camp was originally set-up for Palestinian refugees in 1949. It is located in southern Beirut and houses more than 9,842 registered Palestine refugees. Since the eruption of the Syrian Civil War, the camp has swollen with Syrian refugees, receiving mostly the poor Syrians, fleeing their country. As of 2014, the camp's population is estimated to be from 10,000 to 22,000.